Ludwig | 15 | Nonbinary lesbian | He/him

I’m Ludwig, a nb sapphic who uses he/him. Besides Ludwig, I also go by Neil. I am white, disabled, and tme.

I am fifteen years old, and my birthday is on 12/12!

My interests include vampires, music, RPGs (mainly ones with character customization,) and dragons.

Please ask to follow if you like Smile For Me and any of Yugo Limbo’s works.

If we’re mutuals PLEASE tag nsfw jokes and the like, especially if you aren’t in my age range or are an adult.


All versions of Gyro Gearloose (excluding the 30s), the Mad Ducktor, Fiver, and Pitaya Dragon Cookie


Jevil, Marx, Polybius, Vampire Cookie, and Funtime Freddy


Galarian Ponyta, Midnight Lycanroc, and Alolan Persian


the Backrooms, Rabbits, and Dragons

Comfort characters

Roguefort Cookie is my ultimate comfort character ♥️

Other Comforts

Ira Blood, the Drowned Waiter, 707, Kaeya, and Hu Tao

Sites I’m On

Recolor (Sanguivora)
Discord (Ask for ID)
Pony Town (Sanguivora)
Dragon Cave
Sky: Children of Light (Ask for QR Code)